Collection Schedule

To place your order for semen, please call 405-449-7575.

We ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting February 4, 2019 thru June 28, 2019.

Please place your orders for shipments by 5pm CST the day prior to collection and
confirm by 9am CST on the day of collection. (The earlier the better if it is to be flown.)

We ship orders by FedEx/UPS Priority Overnight or for same day delivery out of OKC airport.

Due to the high demand of some stallions, it is best to be placed on the list the day prior to collection
if you think you will need a shipment, as orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Please
confirm or cancel your order by 9am the day of collection. It is difficult for us to process orders after a
stallion has been collected, therefore orders placed after a stallion has been collected may be denied
or incur additional fees. There is a $150 fee for orders canceled after a stallion has been collected.

All fees must be paid in advance before any semen will be shipped. This includes breeding fees and
shipping fees. We accept Visa and MasterCard, Discover, and American Express and can charge
your card at each shipment as necessary for your convenience.

FedEx/UPS Priority Overnight shipments ordered on Fridays will need to go to an address that has
Saturday delivery. If you do not have Saturday delivery, we can ship to another business with
Saturday delivery with whom you’ve made arrangements, or to a FedEx/UPS Location with Saturday
delivery to be held for you to pick up.

Please return the equitainer to Royal Vista Ranches, 26822 State Hwy 59, Wayne, OK 73095.
Equitainers not returned, returned without their ice cans/packs, isothermalizers, plastic cups or lids, or
damaged equitainers will be billed accordingly.

If a shipment does not arrive in the stated timeframe, every effort will be made to recover the costs
from FedEx/UPS or the airline, so it is essential you let us know as soon as possible if it has not
arrived. A credit will ONLY be issued if FedEx/UPS/airline honors the claim and remits payment to
us. They generally will not honor claims for shipments delayed due to weather or other events beyond
their control.

For more information, to request a contract, or to place an order for shipment,
please call 405-449-7575.