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All late term pregnant mares receive 24 hour supervision by our foaling manager. With the assistance of the Foalert monitoring system all foalings are attended to help ensure the safety of both your mare and her new foal. This close supervision, and highly skilled staff, allows any complications that may arise to be quickly resolved.




Frozen semen has allowed stallion owners to not only breed mares that they would not be able to accommodate otherwise due to an overfull book, or race or competition schedule, but to permanently preserve his genetics against future infertility or death of the stallion.

Stallions are brought to us from across the country to have their semen frozen in our state of the art reproduction laboratory. An additional benefit to stallion owners is that Royal Vista Ranches is an accredited USDA facility; this means that with the proper testing procedures semen frozen with us can be eligible for export to various other countries.


As a USDA certified farm, Royal Vista Ranches serves as a quarantine facility for horses that are to be exported out of the country. Exportation requires strict quarantine, and numerous time sensitive laboratory tests and vaccinations that must be completed. Royal Vista Ranches assists owners through this process and helps the horses arrive to their new locations in a timely manner.

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