IMPORTANT! Due to the inclement weather we are currently experiencing in Oklahoma, please note: Phone lines at Royal Vista Ranches are down. At this time, we are able to retrieve messages being left. HOWEVER, the BEST way to communicate with the RVR is via email at

ALSO, we have already been notified by FedEx that they WILL NOT be operating on Monday or Tuesday (Feb. 15-16), and possibly Wednesday (Feb. 17). The majority of flights out of OKC are also being cancelled—meaning that we are NOT ABLE to ship semen on Monday, Feb. 15 due to these shipping outlets being closed. Semen WILL BE AVAILABLE for pick up at the farm.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email, and we sincerely appreciate your patience with us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those across the country currently experiencing their own challenges due to this weather system. Stay warm and safe, and know that we are working to resume normal business activity as soon as we are able.